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Optical Trapping and Fast Discrimination of Label-Free Bacteriophages at the Single Virion Level, in Small.


We develop an optical tweezer able to operate at the single virion level without any need for virion pre-labelling nor surface bioreceptors and sensitive enough to detect the presence of one, two, three or more virions, here bacteriophages, as well as to distinguish different phages from phenotypically distinct families.

N. Villa, E. Tartari, S. Glicenstein, H. de Villiers de la Noue, E. Picard, P. R. Marcoux, M Zelsmann, G Resch, E. Hadji and R. Houdré, accepted in Small (lien HAL)

Submitted on March 12, 2024

Updated on March 12, 2024