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Technological Transferts

LTM Spin-Off And Start-Up

Smart Force :

history : Company fonded in 2015 by J. CORDEIRO, O. LECARME and D.PEYRADE aimed at the production of a maskless optical lithography tool; this company was merged in 2019 with MicroLight3D.[*]

PhotoCredits : LTM

[*]: MICROLIGHT3D rachète SmartForce Technologies ; Microlight3D binds to Smart Force Technologies

Cell&Soft :

StartUp founded by Camille MIGDAL & Alice NICOLAS in 2019 developing cell culture substrates with a variable rigidity gradient (less than a kPa to a few dozen kPa).

PhotoCredits : LTM

BAIO-dx :

This StartUp is specialized in the detection of bacterial colonies by lens-free imaging and recognition processing by Artificial Intelligence.


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Submitted on March 12, 2024

Updated on March 26, 2024