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After 20 years devoted to the development of nanotechnologies for microelectronics, LTM is now organised into two main activities: the development of technologies for microelectronics and the transfer of these technologies to new applications.

PROSPECT research cluster

The PROSPECT (PROcédés innovantS pour les dispositifs oPto et nanoEleCTroniques) team carries out upstream and prospective technological research in close collaboration with microelectronics industry. Its objective is to develop innovative and sustainable processes and materials to meet the needs of emerging opto- and nanoelectronic devices while reflecting on the energy and ecological impacts of its activity.

Heteroepitaxy and heterogeneous integration on Si platform

Advanced Plasma Processes

MINASEE research cluster

The MiNASEE (MIcro- & NAno-technologies pour la Santé, l'Environnement et l'Energie) team draws inspiration from technologies from microelectronics to address other research fields, such as health diagnostics, mechano-biology, optimization of energy consumption, or environmental sensors design.

Advanced Lithography

Technologies for Health, Environment and Energy