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CIME NanoTech

Associed with the Plateforme Technologique Amont, CIME NanoTech benefits from a part of the shared experimental park also open to university training within 'Grenoble INP, Graduate Schools of Engineering and Management, UGA' and UGA.

The PTA results from the pooling of human, material and financial resources of the LTM and IRIG (Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble, CEA-CNRS-Grenoble INP laboratories, UGA). The PTA is located on the MINATEC® campus, half on the CEA Grenoble site (IRIG premises), and half on the CIME Nanotech premises (Grenoble INP premises). The PTA is governed by an agreement between CNRS, CEA, 'Grenoble INP, Graduate Schools of Engineering and Management, UGA' and UGA. The management team is composed of the director of LTM and IRIG assisted by an operational manager and a technical group of about fifteen people (IRIG, LTM and CIME).  
The PTA instrument park, worth €12 million nine (financed mainly by the RTB), covers all the generic technologies of a versatile and international level clean room, and some specific technologies related to the activities of the site. It is divided into five technological clusters (deposits, optical and electronic lithography, etching, metrology, etc.) comprising about thirty equipment (

The platform aims to support researchers in technological developments that are necessary for their research, but also to welcome manufacturers for their R&D projects (testing new technologies, proof of concept...). The themes that are developed are numerous: micro and nanoelectronics, MEMS & NEMS, magnetism and spintronics, integration of nano-materials and nano-objects, photonics... The PTA is a national platform by being part of the micro and nano manufacturing platforms of the Renatech network.

Submitted on March 13, 2024

Updated on March 13, 2024