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The NanoCharacterization PlatForm ( Plate-Forme de NanoCaractérisation )

 PFNC develops new skills in characterization. It brings together on 3 500m2 about forty heavy equipment of characterization at the best international level, operated by 100 researchers and technicians.

This unique tool in Europe, supported by three institutes of the CEA Grenoble (Leti, Liten et Irig), aims to develop new characterisation techniques for micro and nanotechnology, nanomaterials, energy materials, etc. and to carry out characterisations necessary for the advancement of the CEA programmes and its CEA partners.

In addition to these priority missions:

  • participation in national or international programmes with manufacturers,
  • equipment manufacturers and academic partners,
  • training of students and doctoral students,
  • the valorisation of the work carried out and the dissemination of know-how (publications, filing of patents international conferences).

PFNC’s expertise covers: ion beam and X-ray analysis, surface analysis, electron and near-field microscopy, optical characterization, mechanical properties analysis and sample preparation, a key step for nanoscale observations.

Submitted on March 13, 2024

Updated on March 15, 2024